• highest quality segments from sound gospel preachers and teachers
  • commentary on current events from the Biblical perspective
  • devotionals with beautiful acappella singing, scripture-reading, and scenery
  • guest interviews


    Something Is Wrong...but, The Bible Is Right!

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    Among churches of Christ, Good News Today is the first magazine-format TV program to be broadcast into homes and businesses around the country via television and radio, and also, worldwide, via the internet and smart devices. The program features quality HDTV segments from sound Gospel preachers and Bible teachers, questions and answers, and devotional periods with Scripture reading, Acappella singing, and beautiful scenery. The program was originally hosted by Jim Dearman and is overseen by the elders of the Dunlap church of Christ in Dunlap, Tennessee. Mark Teske is the host and producer of the program.

    The unique magazine format of Good News Today is a much-appreciated style of television because people like to hear from a variety of speakers on different Biblical topics in a single program. You can find archived episodes right here on our website. Additionally, our archives can be found on our iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire apps; the Good News Today Roku channel; the Good News Today Apple TV channel; the Good News Today YouTube channel; and the Good News Today Vimeo channels. You can also listen to episodes on our streaming audio channel at the Good News Today is also seen 11 times every week on the Gospel Broadcasting Network.

    Funding for the program comes exclusively from congregations of churches of Christ and individual Christians. We never ask our viewers for money and we never try to sell them anything. All of our offers are free. What a wonderful difference from other religious programming!

    The primary goal of Good News Today is to reach souls, teach the Gospel, and win souls for the Lord. The program is having a positive impact on a national level, having been blessed with consistent reception by the viewership, many loyal supporters, and numerous market opportunities. Good News Today is available to viewers in 16 states and has resulted in hundreds of Bible studies through a far-reaching Bible Correspondence Course program. When viewers make a request, we connect them to a local congregation of the churches of Christ in their area.

    Television and Radio Broadcasts

    Welcome To Good News Today!

    Good News Today, broadcast to homes and businesses around the country, via television and radio, and, worldwide, via the internet and smart devices, is the first magazine-format program of its kind among churches of Christ, overseen by the elders of the Dunlap church of Christ in Dunlap, Tennessee.